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Audio Laboratories (Audio Lab)

We’ve offered words to the ethers and now the ear perking may commence. If you’d like to participate in any of our endeavors, please fill out the information at the bottom of the page. xo The Poetry Loft Team :::::::::: ER header

The Echo Room is a private on-line generative writing prompt site. Experience a new level of writing exercise and be a part of a writing community. Participants will receive a prompt notification once a month and have two (2) weeks to respond. It's currently free to join the Echo Room. Please fill the information at the bottom of the page and get a password.

Sample of this month's prompts:

VIDEO Experimental Japan By David Lee PHOTO #1 The Aphid #1 | Photographer: Richard Guest Response will be posted January 2014

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Listen to our podcast installments by clicking here.

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Listen, listen children, put your dumpty computer games down and listen to the hum of the world!

Kids can listen to poetry and stories read by local Oregon writers, parents, educators, aunts, uncles, and community leaders! Here is Kelly Terwilliger with "A Boy Named Sam" to start off our monthly series.


If you are interested in any of the shindigs offered above, leave your information below. (We respect your privacy and will NOT share your information to anyone. That’s just icky!)


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