Toni Hanner

tonihannerToni Hanner studies French in Eugene, Oregon, where she lives in a busy urban neighborhood with fellow francophile and poet Michael Hanner. In 2012 Hanner’s book of surrealist poems, Gertrude, was published by Traprock Books and was a finalist for the 2013 Oregon Book Award. Tebot Bach published her full-length book, The Ravelling Braid, in the same year.

Hanner writes using word lists, prompts, and anything she can find to lead her mind away from the linear and mundane. She tries to release any need to make sense, and sometimes finds meaning and even story lurking in the language of a successful poem.

Hanner enjoys dancing Argentine tango and traveling to Europe, especially to France where she can inflict her French on the local populace.

She leads workshops on publishing as well as generative poetry writing workshops.

She keeps free-range ants, who, while not terribly affectionate, require virtually no care.

Gertrude: poems and other objects is available from independent bookstores such as Tsunami Books in Eugene and from Grassroots Books in Corvallis. The Ravelling Braid is available from and from as well as from Powell’s and other independent bookstores in Oregon.


calyxCalyx Journal, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women is publishing Toni Hanner’s review of Stephanie Lenox‘s book of poems Congress of Strange People in their Winter 2014 issue. Subscribe now. 


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