Emily Pittman Newberry

Emily Pittmann Newberry
was born in the mid-west during World War II and grew up in upstate New York during the post war boom and subsequent questioning of consumer culture and the spiritual and political upheavals.  She went into the factories as a machinist to participate in political revolution and came out 30 years later as a mediator and facilitator and organizational development consultant.

After a long spiritual journey of inner truth seeking she came into acceptance of herself as a transgendered woman. She experienced discrimination as a consultant, but followed her heart and the doors opening to her to become a published poet.  Today, she writes and performs poetry about the human condition.  She is fascinated by the way we dance with vulnerability as our lives intersect, and by how the rich diversity of life and the many paths we take somehow seem to lead us all home.

Her first book, Butterfly A Rose, was published in fall 2010, and her second, a chapbook in collaboration with artist Adelaide Beeman-White in 2012.  In addition the artist book featuring her poetry and the work of Portland artist Shu-Ju Wang was finished in 2014.   Her website is at butterflyarose.com.




A Transexual Dream

The Show Must Go On

A Sterling Character


Death Creative

Talk and Reading about artist’s book Water at Stonehendge Studios | December 2014

More videos of Emily here.



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