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KBridgerKierstin Bridger is a Colorado writer. She teaches creative writing classes for local arts and civic groups. She has been known to enlist her community in public poetry works in the park and present her ekphrastic poetry on gallery walls. She has been a featured performer in Philidelphia, Salida, Seattle, and Telluride. Her work has appeared in Broadsided Press, Prime Number, Memoir, Thrush Poetry Journal, Occupoetry, Stoneboat, Spilt Infinitive, Mason’s Road, and Pilgrimage as well as  Stripped: An anthology of Anonymous Flash fiction and The Porter Gulch Review. Bridger is co-curator for the Open Bard Poetry Series, “Editor-in Sheaf’ of Ridgway Alley Poems, and contributing writer at Telluride Inside and Out. She will earn her MFA from Pacific University in June 2014.

For as smart and as talented as Kierstin is, she carries a deep humility and desire to land a poem correctly, no matter what it takes to get it right. She’s a leader in any group – an outstanding human being and writer.
Laurie Wagner, Author  and Writing Instructor of

Kierstin Bridger is a poet whose poetic reflections in response to the artwork will be shared on the walls of the gallery. Bridger won the Telluride Arts’ Mark Fischer Poetry Prize in 2011 in a blind judging from the four-corners region. She identifies with the rebellious spirit and landscape of the west. She attempts to transcribe the lyric hum, the moments of story in everyday life, using the odd contents of her pocket or the compelling work of artists who dare to translate our world through their own disparate medium.
Ekphrasis Show at Tulleride’s Strong House Gallery

One of our family of extraordinary poets, Kierstin Bridger is nothing if not unconventional. Her edgy spin on the world at large and with this poem, “All I Want For Christmas Is Forgetting Instructions” specifically, is as mystical and magical as any painting by Gerhard Richter. She is nothing if not arch and, like painter Edward Hopper, a keen observer of our solitude, for better or for worse, always pregnant with possibilities.
Susan Viebrock of Telluride Inside and Out


A few words about Kierstin’s poetry:

“This poem surprised me with the way it kept creeping up in my standings as I read and reread the entries. It was certainly on the short list after my first reading, but it’s one of those poems that reveals itself the more a reader approaches it.  A fine piece, the images sharp and able to penetrate deep.  And I love how the linear sense of time is constantly disrupted and then re-fused (no pun intended, unless you think it’s funny) up to such a powerful closing stanza.  Impressive.”
David Feela

Storm Warning
This was the poem of yours I was most taken with …I truly love the language and energy of these works.   I just loved the way the language careened along … carrying me and everyone else and all along with it.  What was most striking was that, although I could feel what was going on … you actually didn’t provide much by way of concrete detail.  This poem truly sails along on its own wind.
Carl Rosenstock, Poetry editor of Memoir Journal


NOVEMBER 12 & 19, 2015
6:45 – 8:15 pm  in Ridgeway

fall in love with form poster fall 2015Haibun, flash fiction, & lyrical reportage! Not only will we learn from the masters, we’ll create new work! 

Price: $60

Literary Burlesque | Saturday, February 13, 2015 | Doors Open at 7:00 PM

Literary Burlesque: this is the razor’s edge. It is the line between sexuality, tease, and the real deal, the raw, cutthroat gulp where performance meets poetry, where neo-Burlesque meets memoir, where fiction flies like a dove from a magic hat.

9 skillful writers: Kierstin Bridger, Craig Childs, Russ Chapman, Marty Durlin, Sarah Gilman, Mike King, Amy Irvine McHarg, Ellen Marie Metrick, and Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer will fill the stage, performing original works of poetry and music for the audience, dropping veils – one at a time – to reveal the wildness underneath.

This show has mature themes, and is recommended for adults only.
Come early to enjoy some tantalizing teasers from our sexy librarians.

The Paradise Theater
215 Grand Ave
Paonia, CO 81428
United States

Tickets: $20
Available at the Theater, the Rose, Backcountry Coffee and online.

Awards and Publications

2011 Winner of the Mark Fischer Poetry Prize
2012 3rd place in poetry and prose, June Issue of Memoir Journal
2011 and 2013 Finalist for the Broadsided Press “Haiku Year in Review”

SpiltInfinitive2013Something’s Brewing Anthology by Kind of a Hurricane Press (Forthcoming)
Best of 2013 Spilt Infinitive Anthology by Hubris Press (Forthcoming)
City Fox and East Coast Literary Review (Forthcoming)
Winter 2014 Mason’s Road Literary and Arts Journal
Winter 2014 “Grace” issue of Pilgrimage Volume 37 Issue
Fall 2013 Stoneboat 4.1
October 2013 Spilt Infinitive (3 poems)
April- June 2013 Prime Number Magazine, Prime Decimals
December 2012 Turbulence Poetry UK
December 2012 The English Chicago Review, UK
June 2012 Memoir Journal, Issue 10 (2 poems)
November, July, and May 2012 issues of Mountain Gazette
April 2012 Copperfield Review (3 poems)
May 2012 Thrush Literary Journal
May 2012 Occupoetry
2011-present Telluride Inside and Out – Poet’s Corner- ongoing

Performances and Credits

2013 Established with co-curator, Beth Paulson, Open Bard Poetry Series. Ridgway, CO
2013 “Editor-in Sheaf” Ridgway Alley Poems in Ridgway, CO 2013
September 2013 reading with Beth Paulson and Samantha Wright
August 2013 Poetry in EEEmotion
December 2012 – January 2013 Featured Poet “Ekphrasis” Strong House Studio and Gallery – Ekphrastic Poetry printed on the Gallery Walls
2012 Judge for Mark Fischer Poetry Prize
2012 Featured Poet for Twenty by Telluride
2012 Featured Poet for Talking Gourds Poetry Series, Telluride CO
2012 & 2011 Poetry performer Telluride Arts Telethon Telluride, CO
2006 Judge for High School Poetry Contest, Ridgway CO
2000 Featured Writer, After Long Silence: New Voices, Seattle WA

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