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MEHopeM.E. Hope has lived a sort of nomadic life poets people should be required to live, has hit the road often, traveled to and back from many a place, over-stayed, missed and regretted leaving from the far West, Italy and surprisingly the flat palm of the middle U.S.  In this time she has been a motel maid, a farm hand, an active duty Navy sailor, mother, wife, sat the midnight shift as a computer operator at a paint factory, worked in a low level of purgatory as a Wal*Mart associate and entered the sublime as a rural branch librarian in Klamath County.  She has been a Fishtrap Fellow, ridden the wind and storm in Summer Lake Oregon as a Playa Resident and was awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Oregon Arts Commission in 2013. Mid 2013 she moved back to Europe, is busy examining the Belgium sky and missing hummingbirds.



Available at Uttered Chaos Press


The Oregonian; High Desert Journal; Jefferson Monthly; The Fairfield Review; The Muses’ Handprint;  Rattle; WORM 39; Soundzine; Cloudbank; Bellowing Ark; Verseweavers; Fishtrap Anthology; Moving Mountain; Thresholds; Oregon Literary Review; Literary Bohemian; OutwardLink.net; New Poets of the American West; Prairie Poetry; Alsop’s Review 1; Hubbub; What the River Brings, Oregon River Poems Anthology; These Mountains that Separate Us Anthology, Try to Have Your Writing Make Sense Anthology; Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Volume 2

Featured Reader

Oregon Days of Culture, Ross Ragland Theatre, Klamath Falls, OR October 2012; Third Saturday Series, Tsunami Books, Eugene OR July 2012; Contemporary Arts Kitchen, Klamath Falls, OR March 2011; The Oregon Arts Alliance, Eugene, OR October 2010; William Stafford Reading, Ashland, OR January 2010; Rogue Gallery, Medford, OR  May 2009


Oregon Poetry Association, Poet-in-the-Spotlight | www.oregonpoets.org
Oregon Literary Review | orelitrev.startlogic.com
Dave Jarecki | davejarecki.com
Rattle | rattle.com/blog/
The Fairfield Review | www.fairfieldreview.org
Outwardlink.net | www.outwardlink.net
Literary Bohemian | www.literarybohemian.com
Oregon Poetic Voices | oregonpoeticvoices.org
Prairie Poetry | www.prairiepoetry.org
Soundzine | soundzine.net

Additional Links

Art by Cathleen Casey and Poetry by M.E. Hope, Illahe Gallery Ashland OR, April 2013, 2012 and 2011

Klamath County Library, Klamath Falls, August 2011

Klamath County Cultural Coalition Board 2005-2

Friends of William Stafford Birthday organizer in Klamath Falls 2003-2013

Sprague/Williamson Writer in Residence committee 2010-2013

Moderator at Poetry Free-for-all (www.everypoet.org/pffa) 2006- 2011

Moderator at American Association of Poets (www.poets.org/forums) 2008-2009

Oregon Poetry Association contest chair, Fall 2006 – Spring 2008; Student Contest Chair 2012

Writers Write Benelux –Founder 2013-present

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