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Self Portrait for Poetry Loft copyRonda Broatch is the author of Shedding Our Skins, (Finishing Line Press, 2008) and Some Other Eden, (2005).  Nominated several times for the Pushcart Prize, and for Best of the Web, Ronda is the recipient of an Artist Trust GAP Grant.  Her manuscript, Rib of New Fruit, has been selected as a May Swenson Poetry Award finalist four years running. 

She received degrees in Creative Writing and in Photography from the University of Washington, and later worked for William Thompson Photographs. After a hiatus she returned to photography, and spends her time documenting the secret lives of flowers, preserving wildlife, and snapping poets in their natural habitat for book jackets and promo shots. 

In her spare time, Ronda is a fitness instructor and photographer, and Co-Editor for Crab Creek Review. She reads a poem to her Silver Sneakers Yoga class each week, without fail.

In the Dark my Flashlight

creates halos, makes angels appear
in graffiti. You hold fireflies in a jar

count holes in concrete walls like syllables
to lead me on. I navigate by fingerprint

in your wake. We discover
words, names, make sense of

hieroglyphics tattooed in the ’60s.
This shirt holds sweat close

to skin, and I shiver while you slice
a nectarine, take abite, the juice of it

painting us. In the gloom,
this is just a sign, as is the motorcycle

in the parking lot beyond the lupines.
There are more forts in the woods

back of here, you tell me, grab
my hand. Daylight hits hard

we squint, spines of trees grotesque
in the heat. Root and sand, mosaic

of leaves underfoot. Let’s go back
to the bunkers, where the dark is,

where our phantoms live, trophies
of our recklessness. Pumice

is the only way I’ve found to erase
the last traces of piety we carry

in our pockets, your hands
beneath my shirt, marble-heavy.

A breath of northwest, a woman who writes with grace, adorning our world with wise women.
– Julene T. Weaver


Crab Creek Review at AWP | February 28, 2014 @ 3PM
Celebrating Northwest Poets: Crab Creek Review’s 30th Anniversary Reading
Scott James Bookfair Stage | Friday, February 28, 2014, 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm
Washington State Convention Center, Level 4

Five outstanding Northwest poets, featured in the special 30th anniversary issue of Crab Creek Review, read their work. Crab Creek Review is one of Seattle’s most prominent print journals, publishing both local and national writers.

Started in 1984 by Linda Clifton, Crab Creek Review has published William Stafford, Madeline DeFrees, Rebecca Wells, and David Wagoner, among other notable Northwest writers and poets. Get a taste of Seattle poetry and discover why so many writers call this area home.

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Some Other Eden
Shedding Our Skins










A few words about Some Other Eden:

A spiritual stroll in the garden. I keep this little book on my nightstand. The word-images within recall the unique flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest Coast; capture a quiet conversation with the Creator; and document a personal journey of awakening.
Ronda Broatch is truly a gifted observer, thinker, artist, writer

A few words about Shedding Our Skin:

Her work follows in the footsteps of writers like Mary Oliver, as she merges with the natural world around her…

Heather Hummel, Poet and Editor of Blood Orange Review

Ronda’s books are available at Finishing Line and will soon be available at The Poetry Loft’s on-line bookstore.


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