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SRC2014FL-12 Sam Roderick Roxas-Chua grew up in Glendale, California. He has read for diverse audiences such as Oregon Poetry Association, Windfall Reading Series, Tsunami Books, and Stonehenge Studio Reading Series; and was recently invited to open a session of the Oregon State Legislature.

He is published by The Jefferson Monthly, The Inflectionist Review, Word Laboratories, Mixer, Concord, and Paw Print. In June 2014 he won the First Place award forThe Missouri Review‘s 7th Annual Audio Competition in Poetry. He is a member of Red Sofa Poetry Critique Group and Centrum’s Madrona Writers Group in Port Townsend, WA. Sam works at The Poetry Loft and is the editor of The Quietry – A Semi-Annual Poetry Review. He is an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at Pacific University. Sam calls Eugene, Oregon his home.

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Combustus – Arts & Literary Magazine –  Sam Roxas-Chua, Eugene, Oregon: “Poetry is a Raft” Read the article here.


These are poems whose yearning for the beloved’s body take them beyond the body.  Like Jack Gilbert before him, Roxas-Chua reaches beyond the imagery and emotions we expect–creating his own universe, logic, and definitions of the beautiful. “When a poem / can’t save you,/ you must drink / all of the winter / wine you’ve saved / in the basement, / and wait/ and wait / and wait…”. This is a striking book of poetry that, while unable to save the beloved, makes several brave attempts at rescue anyway. Dorianne Laux, Raleigh, NC

“Song is unrest”— Hazel Hall’s observation fits these lyrics of Sam Roderick Roxas-Chua. For unrest is both the motive for song and the tension within the finished poem. This poet explores identity as child, grown man, and citizen. His lyrics hold out to us disruption and discovery, balance and beauty.

Erik Muller, Editor and Publisher of Traprock Books

A consistent, tender and insightful voice.
Toni Hanner, Author of The Ravelling Braid and Gertrude

Selected audio poems from Fawn Language


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Other Poems

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Oregon Poetry Association | Summer 2013 4th Place Winner “Poet’s Choice Award”

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