Winner of the 2015 Perugia Press Prize | Jenifer Browne Lawrence

Jenifer Browne Lawrence
Jenifer Browne Lawrence

Congratulations to Jenifer Browne Lawrence for winning the 2015 Perugia Press Prize for her book Grayling.

Set in the temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska and the Pacific Coast, Grayling uncovers the interior wilderness of a woman shaped by and inhabiting the rough country of her upbringing. These trim, lyric poems, structurally and syntactically fresh, follow a compelling narrative thread, as the poet writes back into her circle a father who was both threat and savior, a sister who died too young, and herself as mother.  The specific northwest coastal landscape, memory, and experience weave together as Grayling straddles the faultline between past and present. One reader likens the poems to “a singing cemetery.” Throughout, Lawrence’s voice is confident and patient.
Perugia Press

Grayling is due to be released in September 2015. To order this book or any other Perugia Press title, please visit our Web site.

Make sure to visit Jenifer’s showcase page on The Poetry Loft! Congratulations Jenifer! Our staff is so proud of you!


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