Raleigh NC Writing Workshops: Improve Your Skills and Receive Feedback

Writing Workshops in Raleigh NC

Writing workshops are a great way to improve your writing skills and get feedback on your work. You can choose from a variety of workshops, including six-week classes and one-day intensives. These classes are in-depth courses that cover the “building blocks” of fiction writing.

Added 2024 CWW event feature: Add $69 for a critique of your query letter from a faculty member. This is a special event rate only for CWW attendees.

Redbud Writing Project

Although the Triangle area is known for its bookish charm, with a host of beloved bookstores and streets named after writers like Thoreau and Hemingway, there was one thing that remained missing — a space where writing-minded people could come together. But that changed in June when So & So Books and Redbud Writing Project teamed up to open a joint headquarters, where students take six-week courses and meet with instructors.

The writing school, co-founded by two graduates of the creative writing MFA program at NC State University, aims to bring a high-quality MFA education to adults. Its founders, Arshia Simkin and Emily Cataneo, believe that writing skills should be accessible to everyone.

Redbud offers a variety of courses, from an introduction to novel writing to a class that focuses on surrealism in poetry. It also offers one-day intensives that are tailored to specific topics and skills. Classes are held in community spaces around the Research Triangle and online, and include beginners who want to try out a new creative pursuit as well as advanced writers who want to sharpen their craft.

Burlington Writers Club

Whether you’re an experienced writer, or just beginning to explore your creativity, this group offers a welcoming community of writers. Members meet weekly to read and critique each others’ work. They also have special events and guest speakers. The membership fee is $20 a year for adults and $10 a year for Alamance County high school students.

This fun, instructive workshop invites participants to write from a prompt as a way of mining meaningful story material. Afterwards, everyone reads their efforts aloud for verbal responses and appreciation. Leave all self-doubt at the door!

This project will create a book of stories by Vermont women telling their first-person accounts of addiction and mental illness in prison. It will help reduce stigma and raise awareness of the needs of incarcerated women. It will also promote healing and recovery. Moreover, the book will be a tool for activists and advocates to use in campaigns to improve conditions for women incarcerated in our state.

Shut Up & Write! Raleigh / Cary

Whether you’re writing an essay, book, blog or script, Shut Up and Write! is a community of writers who can help you meet your writing goals. Membership costs $20 a year and includes access to special events, workshops about how to create narrative tension in novels, and presentations by local authors.

This type of group tends to work well if participants’ primary needs are accountability, support and community. It also helps if members are able to provide ongoing substantive feedback on each other’s writing. However, it can be ineffective if people don’t have the time to read other people’s work, or if they have other needs that aren’t met by the group.

SUAW sessions are typically two hours long, with structured intervals of writing and breaks. During the writing intervals, everyone keeps their audio muted and shutters their webcam. After the writing period is over, the group meets up in person or virtual, and everyone shares what they wrote about.

Charlotte Writers

Charlotte Writers is an organization of writers who meet at Plaza Midwood for critique groups, writing exercises and discussions. Members are encouraged to submit 10 pages of work for critique each meeting. The organization also hosts a three-day writing retreat and teaches craft classes. Members receive a weekly digital newsletter that details upcoming classes and special events.

The group is looking to recruit more young people by holding a student writing competition. Its goal is to give students the opportunity to participate in creative writing outside of school and get tutoring from an experienced writer. Applicants can enter poetry, memoirs and personal essays. The top ten winners will win a prize and free year-long membership into the club.

The organization offers workshops and master classes by local authors. For example, New York Times bestselling author Gail Z. Martin teaches Writing Prose and Poems from Family Photographs on Sept. 24. Also on Oct. 17, Charlotte Lit partners with Central Piedmont Community College to bring the United States poet laureate Joy Harjo to campus.

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Practice uppercase and lowercase letter J tracing with fun activities

Uppercase Letter J Writing Worksheet For Preschoolers

Kids can practice uppercase letter J tracing on this printable sheet. They’ll also find lowercase letters on this worksheet with a picture of a jellyfish and jukebox for extra fun!

This preschool letter J worksheet is a great way to help children learn their alphabet names and letter sounds. They’ll color and circle all the images that begin with the letter J.

Practice writing the letter J

Practicing letters helps kids improve their writing skills over time. To help them do that, parents and teachers can introduce them to various letter J activities for preschoolers available at Osmo. These activities are fun, engaging and encourage kids to develop out-of-the-box thinking.

One such activity is the free letter J tracing worksheet that teaches children to trace both the upper and lowercase letters. It has dotted lines to help them practice and provides ample space for them to write the letters. The worksheet also has images of items that start with the letter J, such as a jug and jacket.

Kids can also use free printable letter J activities to learn about the sounds of the letter and to identify words that begin with the letter. This can help them upgrade their vocabulary and make their educational journey a successful one. They can also use letter J coloring pages to boost their eye to hand coordination and other skills.

Learn the sound of the letter J

Learning the letter J is an important step in a child’s journey to reading. This consonant sound is heard in words like jet and jump. It also makes the /y/ sound in some words such as hallelujah. To produce this sound, a child needs to raise the sides of their tongue to the roof of their mouth and lower the back of the tongue.

Kids can practice the letter j sound and writing with these fun printable worksheets. This set of alphabet worksheets includes a variety of activities such as alphabet recognition, letter tracing, upper case to lower case conversion, and a hidden image worksheet.

Start with a fun coloring page where kids will have to circle all of the images that begin with the letter j. Then they can move on to a fun alphabet maze. This worksheet will have them sifting through a sea of letters to find the one that starts with j.

Practice tracing the letter J

Preschool and pre-k students can work on their letter J tracing skills with this free uppercase alphabet handwriting worksheet. They can also color the pictures that start with the letter j, such as jail, jellyfish, jacket, jukebox, and jar.

If your children are ready for the next step, you can introduce them to this lowercase letter j printable. It features a simple handwriting print font and includes an image of a jellyfish. Kids can trace the letters and practice their fine motor skills by filling in each box.

You can also have them trace the lowercase letter j alongside a picture that starts with the letter, such as juice and jellyfish. This will help them connect their learning with real-world objects and words. This can also help them recognize the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters. This is important as they progress through the alphabet. You can find more letter tracing worksheets here. These include a variety of styles and layouts.

Practice writing words that begin with the letter J

Kids who learn the alphabet letters and their sounds will eventually develop language and communication skills. It is also essential for them to have a strong vocabulary. A strong vocabulary will help them excel in their studies and social interactions. Parents and teachers can make learning the alphabet fun for kids through various activities and worksheets.

One way to teach the letter J is through visual cues. You can ask your children to spot items that start with the letter J, such as jar, jump rope, jewel, or joey. Kids who can identify these items correctly will be rewarded.

Another way to practice the letter J is by tracing it. This letter tracing sheet includes both upper and lowercase letters to trace on the dotted lines. This worksheet is great for preschool and kindergarten students.

You can also practice the letter J by unscrambling words that begin with the letter J. This word unscramble worksheet features eight words that start with the letter J, including jar, jam, jug, jeans, jet, jewelry, and jellyfish.

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