September 23, 2022

A dance through time

The girls, dressed in blue and green clothes, dance with a swaying posture, exuding a combination of charm and elegance.[Photo by Zhang Mao/For China Daily]

Do you know what a “blue-green size” is? It comes from Poetic Dance: The journey of a legendary landscape paintinga dance drama based on The vast country(formerly known as Thousand Li of rivers and mountains), the famous painting by Wang Ximeng of the Song dynasty (960-1279). On New Year’s Eve, after the women’s group dance at the Chinese Central Television Spring Festival Gala, it quickly became an internet sensation.

The first stop of the second round of the dance group’s nationwide tour was in Haikou, Hainan Province. Ticket sales revealed their popularity, so four more performances were scheduled for Haikou as a result.

Presenting scrolls, finding stones, studying brushstrokes, dipping ink and paints…the dance group uses different chapters to allow the audience to travel through time and space, and enter into the world of Song Dynasty painter Wang Ximeng from the perspective of the exhibitionist. The blue-green color is the soul of ancient painting, and it is also the visual symbol of the whole dance drama. The eyebrows are pointed, highlighted by red lips and a high bun. The sleeves are neatly rolled up and every movement of the dancers blends into the paint. Dressed in long turquoise skirts, as if the whole scene turns into green peaks and steep cliffs, through the changes of movements, they dance with the “blue-green waist” to make the scene in the painting where dangerous peaks and rocks reclining depict the majestic momentum of the interconnectedness of mountains and rivers incisively and vividly.