November 25, 2022

A “Read and Plant” Poetry in the 91st Street Garden Saturday – West Side Rag

from left : Judy Trupin, Luvon Roberson, Megha Sood (holding poster), Beth Evans, Isabella Calisi-Wagner (5 of 14 Thursday Morning Poets).

By Carol Tannenhauser

On Saturday, September 24, at 1 p.m., a special event will take place at 91st Street Community Garden in Riverside Park, between West 90th and West 91st Streets, next to the Hippo Playground.

A group of poets, known as Thursday morning poets, will read and plant their poetry in the garden, in solidarity with 100 thousand poets for change, a global movement that began in California over a decade ago. Their mission is “to use the intersection of art and activism to promote peace and sustainability in the world.

But will they really “plant” their poems?

“With a little poetic license,” replied Luvon Roberson, a Thursday morning poet. “Our poems are each one page and laminated to withstand the weather. Each poet will read their original poem (or their/our male poet) – using voice only, no other amplification, in order to respect nature/the environment – before to post the poem on the fence surrounding the flora of the garden. Following this public reading, passers-by will be able to welcome the first days of autumn with a poetic stroll, savoring poems as the flora of the garden dries, withers, falls, bringing change, ushering in the new season.

Foreigners until 2021, the Thursday Morning Poets met online. The group’s writers have varying styles and themes in their poetry, but the focus is on issues of social justice, the environment, and stories that stem from their personal history. Multilingual members often include other languages ​​in their writings.

To contact, email: [email protected]