November 25, 2022

An Indo-French fusion treat for art lovers | News from Thiruvananthapuram

By: Kripa MS
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Alliance Française offers all art lovers in the state capital the opportunity to witness the fusion of a traditional Kerala-French dance form.
The dance form is choreographed to include elements of Kathakali and French contemporary dance. The dance form, named S. Thala, will be performed at Kerala Arts and Crafts Village near Kovalam at 6 p.m. Friday.
The hour-long performance offers a poetic visual approach to the prose of Marguerite Duras.
This dance form choreographed by French citizen Annette Leday will focus on realistic life experiences and conditions of human life.
Real-life incidents will be presented using an LED screen in the background. The program aims to provide an insight into French culture to enrich the knowledge of Indian audiences.
Performers will include two Kathakali artists from Kerala and two contemporary artists from France. The S. Thala project started soon after the success of Kathakali King Lear.
The team will also perform in Kochi and Chennai. This time too, the choreographer succeeded in developing a unique approach to contemporary intercultural creation using various movements and expressions of Kathakali.
Dancers include Kalamandalam Unnikrishnan who has been performing Kathakali for 42 years. Another peculiarity of the show is that no artist has been given a particular character. All four artists will play multiple characters depending on the situation. As the audience will also become the characters, everyone should have their own experience.
“As he includes western movements, I could not easily learn this art form. But continuous practice helped me to perform well. As the choreographer has a good knowledge of Kathakali, it was easy for us to communicate and it also helped us improve,” Kalamandalam Unnikrishnan said.