November 25, 2022

Author’s new book “Wolf Woman & Other Poems” receives warm literary reception

Readers’ Favorite announces the book review of Poetry – Inspirational “Wolf Woman & Other Poems” by Jo-Ann Vega, currently available at

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“Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite

Wolf Woman and Other Poems is an exciting collection of 50 poems spanning 50 years of Jo-Ann Vega’s life. Divided into three parts, the poems act as a form of memory as Jo-Ann recounts the different stages of her being, from Becoming/Discovering (1970-1980) to Unfurling My Wings (1980-2000) to Awakenings (2000-2020) ) . Once Again is about the daily rigors of life where one finds solace in one’s love for another human being. Woman Child is the story of a woman trapped within the confines of her own limitations. In Premature Death, the narrator mourns the murder of a loved one and wishes he had known him better during his lifetime. The narrator calls on her inner spirit guide during times of turmoil in Wolf Woman. Coping shows how people express themselves through their favorite artistic medium.

Drawing inspiration from her own life, Jo-Ann Vega writes beautiful poems that are sure to strike a chord in your heart. In this collection of poems/memoirs, Jo-Ann leaves nothing unsaid and lays her soul bare as her poetic verses take readers through the ups and downs of her life, which make you think and compel you to introspection. The poems deal with themes of love, family, romance, loss, grief, passion and much more. Despite the stylistic similarities and universal themes, each poem feels unique and brings something of its own to the narrative. Wolf Woman and Other Poems is a fascinating collection that I thoroughly enjoyed. Highly recommended for poetry lovers.”

You can read more about Jo-Ann Vega and “Wolf Woman & Other Poems” at where you can read reviews and the biography of the author, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

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