November 25, 2022

Book highlights key periods in veteran poet’s career


Dr Souad Al-Sabah

KUWAIT: The poetry book “Dialogue of Roses and Guns” is a qualitative leap in Suad Al-Sabah’s poetic experience and a clear statement of her Arab principles and humanitarian approaches. After the publication of several editions since 1989, it was banned. Now, after many years of absence, he is emerging in a new form with distinguished poetry and a similar idea. The new publication is the 22nd edition after approximately 30 years from its first edition.

“Dialogue of Roses and Guns” talks about an important period of Dr Suad’s poetic experience spanning more than 50 years. It also reports on the reflections of the childhood years she spent at Az-Zubayr on her poems, her movements in life and her poetic growth following many experiences in the fields of writing and organizing. many events around the world, in addition to being involved in many intellectual battles.

The book shows the affiliation of Arabism which has been instilled in the mind of the poet from the beginning and reflected in several of the poems in the book. The book documents an exceptional transformation in its series of poetry books – nearly 20 poetry collections. It represents an important step in his poetic and intellectual experience which has undergone many changes.

The book includes seven poems of different lengths that are close psychologically and intellectually. The book has 130 pages, and its cover has a drawing of the poet. It is published by the Suad Al-Sabah Publishing House. Coinciding with the resumption of book exhibitions, Dr Suad Al-Sabah released a new edition of his book “To You My Son” – this is the 13th edition – after its first edition was published by Dar Al-Maarif in Cairo in 1982.

The poet dedicated this book to a bitter incident she experienced as a mother and poet – the death of her first son Mubarak on a plane due to a severe asthma attack. The poet was able to get rid of the pain and sorrow of the mother she experienced because of the tragedy she experienced in 1973, which carved a deep scar in her soul that years could not to cure. It is therefore natural that the poems in this book should be surrounded by sadness in the face of such a great loss.