November 25, 2022

‘Charmer’ Wayne Rooney wrote Coleen poems to woo her when they were teenagers

Coleen Rooney couldn’t resist the charms of her future husband when they grew up together in Croxteth, Merseyside

Coleen Rooney has been with footballer Wayne since she was 16 after falling in love

Wayne Rooney has opened up about how he tried to seduce his childhood sweetheart with poetry.

Coleen, who has been married for over 13 years and with the footballer since she was 16, admits the former England player is a born ‘charmer’.

The upcoming Rooney documentary traces their relationship which began at a very young age.

“I think I was about 11 or 12. I knew I wanted to date her,” Wayne said.

“I knew I wanted to marry him. And I told him at the time, ‘When we grow up, we’re going to get married and you’re going to have our kids.’

“She was looking at me like, ‘Yeah, good’.”

Coleen and Wayne Rooney have been together since they were teenagers



But Coleen couldn’t resist Wayne’s charms for long, and they quickly became an object.

Coleen says: “I always remember he used to hang around my house and every once in a while his mum would shout down the street, ‘Wayne!’

“I’m best friends with Wayne’s cousin Claire. My dad and Claire’s dad ran the local boxing gym. Our families grew up together.

“He’s a charmer, growing up, that’s how he won me over.

“The more I said no, the more he said, ‘I’ll do it someday, I’ll get that date’.”

They got married in 2008



But it wasn’t easy for the couple as Coleen recalls crying every week after moving into her first big house with Wayne.

The couple moved away from the Croxteth council estate where they grew up once Wayne became a success at Everton.

But life in the £900,000 mansion on Millionaire’s Row in Formby wasn’t quite what it was.

“It was very good to think about it. But obviously you (Wayne) were away every weekend,” she said.

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A tearful Coleen would be left alone in the high end of Formby when Wayne went to play football. They then moved to Manchester soon after.

“I used to leave my mother and cry to mine,” she said.

“It was all of a sudden, it was a matter of months. It all happened. We always grew faster than we expected, I think.”

The highly anticipated documentary film Rooney will launch on Prime Video on Friday, February 11.

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