November 25, 2022

Chris Cresswell (Hot Water Music, Flatliners) remixed comedian Dave Ross (listen)


In 2019, Dave ross released the comedy album The only man who ever had sex, and now he’s stringed up a few musicians for a remix album, The only album to have been remixed. The description reads as follows: “The only man who ever had sex is Dave Ross’ debut album. Dave is a comedian and certainly not a musician, but he’s a music nerd who wants everything his favorite bands do, so when a global pandemic destroyed his touring life he had a complete meltdown alone in his life. bedroom and started messaging artists love to ask if they would remix his jokes. “

The album features covers by members of PUP, Hot Water Music, Save The Day, Ceremony, Riverboat Gamblers, and many more, and Dave says that “contributing artists have done acoustic songs, lo-fi hip hop, industrial, country, comedy sketches and more.”

We present the “remix” of “I Am The Governor of California” by Chris cresswell (of The Flatliners and Hot water music), and he essentially finds Chris taking Dave’s jokes and turning them into lyrics for a rustic folk song. Here’s what Dave tells us about the album and about Chris’s song in particular:

Every track on this album was written and recorded during the lockdown in 2020. It took a certain amount of production and coordination from me, but each track was individually written and recorded by each artist completely independently, without any guidance. from me. . I told them a remix could be anything as long as it referred to my original track – they could sample it directly, re-record it, use my lyrics as lyrics … whatever they want. I did it because no one – including me – had any idea what a remix of a stand-up song was. Remixes and remix albums were obviously all familiar to us, but remixing something that wasn’t straight to music left a lot of us scratching our heads once we started thinking about doing remixes.

I also wanted them to have that freedom because they did it during a fucking pandemic. I’m sure you remember how difficult it was. It was hard as hell, but it was also like it shouldn’t be. If you had a roof over your head and free time to do things like make a remix for your stupid comedy friend, you felt like the pain and angst you were feeling was undeserved. , which added guilt to your pain and angst, despite the fact that every person on earth felt so much pain and anguish. So I wanted artists to have fun, and I wanted them to feel free, and honestly, I just wanted them to have the opportunity to create a work of art that they were all proud of, because there was very likely none of us will. make money on it, no one would see this project at all, and the only thing we’d have to show for it would be the little bit of a break it gave us during covid.

I love Chris Cresswell. I had the great pleasure of both working with him and getting to know him personally, and I don’t think I know anyone with a better attitude. We met because he found my old podcast Suicide Buddies, a comedy podcast about suicide. Shortly after, we were both at Fest in Gainesville where he one day performed at the comedy show, to which I said something like “OH SHIT I LOVE THE FLATLINERS” in front of a group of people including i want respect.

We stayed in touch after that, sending random positivities here and there, and then the world stopped. I don’t think Chris knows it, but his solo records and Inviting Light from The Flatliners were the soundtrack to my first three months of quarantine. (I was walking around Glendale looking at the trees and listening to Chris songs about how everything will be okay or whatever, and I would feel a little better.) So I was stuck at home with Chris in my ear and also in my phone, and I had this idea to record a remix, and honestly I don’t know if I had if it wasn’t so encouraging. He was the third person I asked and the first person who sent me a remix. (The first two artists I asked were friends who make electronic music, because at first I thought an acoustic artist would spit in my face if I asked them to do a remix.) He sent me a remixed months before everyone else, which was especially encouraging because the song he made is like … amazing? It’s a word-for-word retelling, in musical form, of the longest and most complicated part of my album, for which he wrote multiple movements and also included distant echo samples of my back voice. -plan. I can’t tell you how privileged I feel that this man did this crazy thing for an album I’m releasing. It’s so cool and I’m just grateful for him all around.

Listen to Chris’s version and compare it to Dave’s original below.

The only album to have been remixed releases November 5. Vinyl and digital pre-orders are in place and you learn more about