October 1, 2022

Clearwater District Council Approves Poetry Reading – Clearwater Times

Here are council highlights from the March 1 regular meeting of the Clearwater District Council:

budget 2022

Staff provided the mayor and council with feedback on the public consultation on the 2022 budget held on February 24. A presentation at the consultation shared information on potential capital and operating projects, as well as how taxpayer dollars are spent. It also provided a potential calculation of the impact of a 2.5% increase in municipal spending on an average homeowner’s property taxes. Public comments were accepted until March 3.

Council asked staff if it would be possible to review the public comments, as well as the different levels of taxation before the budget is tabled in April in the form of a regulation.

Information from the public consultation will be discussed at the regular meeting on March 15. For budget information, visit the DOC website: www.districtofclearwater.com.

Rural Health Conference

The District of Clearwater currently has 2.5 FTE physicians, though it needs five, the councilor said. Shelly Sim. In August, she added, a third doctor will join the Clearwater team and work in town for two years, bringing the number of doctors to 3.5.

The Board discussed sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming BC Rural Health Conference in May, with the goal of recruiting more doctors, nurses and locums to the region.

A motion was presented and passed by the Board to allocate $3,000 from the Recruitment and Retention budget to sponsorship, which will be decided after consultation with affected stakeholders.

Emergency plan

A draft emergency management by-law was presented to council. The project updates the 2008 regulations.

In an emergency, the rules would govern the procedure. A copy of the draft regulations can be viewed on the DOC website.

Council passed a motion to send the draft emergency management by-law for legal review. He will then be brought back to the board at a later date.

poetry month

A letter was written to the Mayor and Council by Sandra Holmes, on behalf of the Wells Gray Writer’s Circle and the North Thompson Arts Council, regarding National Poetry Month, which takes place in April.

In the letter, Holmes requested a five-minute block at the start of regular council meetings, for a poem to be read aloud to celebrate National Poetry Month and the arts in the community.

The board approved the request.

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