June 22, 2022

Emilia Clarke to launch poetry reading initiative on Instagram amid COVID-19 lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to look within and bring about change both within us and around us. Many stars have also decided to do their part for society. Emilia Clarke also laid out her plans and we absolutely loved her idea. Read on to find out more!

According to Mashable, Emilia clarke announced plans to launch a poetry reading series on Instagram. She did not disclose details of who, but we know for sure that various “performers” will read the poems on the social media site and also share their charitable details.

Clarke took to her Instagram and said:

“Hi everyone. So this is just a little introductory article to something that I put together during this time that we have been through, of COVID and isolation.”

She went on to explain that various performers would join her in the reading and also tell us about the charities they have been a part of. She wrote:

“I will be joined in the coming weeks by friends and performers who will read poetry aloud for heart and soul. They will tell you about their poem and its prescription, and also about a charity that means something to them.

She also said that she made her contributions to all of the charities mentioned in the video.

We think this is a great Clarke initiative, one that will not only expose people to their creative sides, but also learn more about various charities.

Besides Clarke, other Game of Thrones stars have brought their own style and made significant contributions. While Maisie Williams made a generous donation to her charity. Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark) also helped his stepfather make and donate PPE to health workers.

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