October 1, 2022

Friday Letters to the Editor

A day of accountability

EDITOR: There’s a day of reckoning ahead for the people running the city of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. The main sources of water in the area are Lake Sonoma and Lake Mendocino. Both are half full without too much relief in sight. We will soon be rationing, that’s for sure.

Currently in Santa Rosa there are several projects under construction, mostly pre-engineered multi-story apartment buildings with hundreds of units. The planned projects will add thousands of new apartments and houses. These are not low income units. Each apartment will have five or six people and three cars, minimum. Clean up after work, and that’s 10 showers a day per unit. It’s dishes and clothes for five. Where will the water come from? Where are all the cars going to park?

Student Government Day won’t pass for a success when there’s no more water. The board of supervisors and the city don’t care what we think. Supervisor Chris Coursey wanted to build a Taj Mahal to have nicer offices. If you want to see how it should be done, go to Marin County and look around.



No forgiveness for Trump

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: This is in response to John Wise’s letter (“A pardon for Trump,” Letters, July 20). To repeat President Gerald Ford’s mistake of forgiving Richard Nixon is the wrong approach. Nixon deserved the full weight of the law and a prison sentence for stealing an election — much like the disgraced and twice impeached former president. Nixon’s pardon did not heal the country, nor does a pardon today.

Donald Trump has almost become the fascist dictator of this country. There is nothing forgivable about that. Ideally, he will be condemned and locked up, and the key will be thrown away.

The disintegration of this country under his presidency and the Big Lie must end – a pardon is not the solution. All those who committed crimes in connection with the January 6, 2021 uprising must be held to account, without exception.

The January 6 Committee is doing essential work to move this country forward as the democratic republic for which it was founded. Any kind of forgiveness will continue to leave this country severely divided.



No recognition

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: The many Republican elected officials who still proclaim the 2020 election was “stolen” have shown no mercy for being spared having their own elections stolen by this masterful Democrat ploy. They don’t want to assign Democrats the ability to design and implement a national plan. They were foiled and are not good losers. Can we expect the same controversial behavior when a Democrat loses an election? The precedent has been set.



Closing of the Athena house

EDITOR: I recently attended a fundraising dinner for Athena House, a residential drug treatment program for women and their children. They primarily serve low-income women. It will be closing soon due to setup fees.

This is a model program that has treated hundreds of women over the years. Many graduates have gone on to college, found jobs, and reconnected with their families. And we are about to lose this precious resource.

Staff and alumni lead a campaign to ‘keep hope alive’. They need to raise $2 million to buy land. The powerful stories I heard that night were inspiring. Buckelew, a non-profit corporation, accepts donations on their behalf (buckelew.org).

Tell others about Athena House and consider writing to our legislature to help raise funds. Did you know Sonoma County has the third highest overdose death rate in the state? Yes we need Athena House.



Help the local theater

EDITOR: Two months after moving to Sonoma in 2014, I found myself volunteering for Transcendence Theater Company in which Broadway performers perform under the stars at Jack London State Historic Park in Glen Ellen. Little did I know it would stimulate my soul to create art, poetry, lyrics and ideas for them. I was inspired by their service to our community, and felt welcomed and part of a family. Now, Transcendence finds itself, like many companies, trying to recover from the pandemic. They need our help. If we want to keep this imaginative, creative and vibrant theater company in the Sonoma Valley, we need to support it.

Head to bestnightever.org to learn more about their upcoming show, “Hooray for Hollywood,” and to purchase tickets. Just as Transcendence helped prevent the closure of Jack London State Historic Park in 2012, we must help keep Transcendence alive for many years to come.



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