August 7, 2022

Ghazal Saaz

When his ordinary poems are read, it seems that he limited himself to writing poems

Among those literary figures of the 21st century who have greatly contributed to the promotion and development of creative works of Urdu language and literature, the name of Hafiz Karnataki is mentioned as the main contributor by literary circles on the subcontinent. It has a unique quality of writing creative pieces that are simple, complete and easily understandable. He is very skilled in poetry and prose. He has an excellent art of presenting his thoughts and ideas in both prose and verse form. When his ordinary poems are read, it seems that he limited himself to writing poems only, but after analyzing his creations in prose form, it becomes evident to a reader that Hafiz Karnataki is also an expert in prose. He also has a strong grip on the writing of ghazal / ode. His ode poems also reflect his nature of presenting great ideas and thoughts in a simple and lucid form.

Born June 18, 1964 in Shikasepur Karnataka, Hafiz Karnataki’s original name is Amjad Hussain. It is a popular name in children’s literature. He obtained a master’s degree, a bachelor’s degree in education and an honorary doctorate from Gulbarga University. Taking into account the psychology and interests of children, he is the author of more than forty books of poems and stories on religious, social and educational subjects. He was also president of the Karnataka Urdu Academy. When we read his articles of prose and poetry, it becomes clear that he has knowledge about every aspect of life.
Bulbuloon ke geet, Mahakti kalyaan, Zamzame, Chamakte Sitare, Koun kare insaaf, Izhaar, Pyare Nabi (SAW), Khalifa Awal Hazrat Abubakar (RA), Nizamudin Awliya, Alama Iqbal etc are some of the well known books written by Dr Hafiz Karnataki. The book currently under review is “Ghazal Saaz” containing 81 Ghazals of different nature, taste and subject matter. This book was published by Educational Publishing House New Delhi in 2018. It consists of 180 pages. The cover page of the book is really eye-catching and the paper used inside is of good quality as well. Writing comments on the book in its opening page under the title “Apni Baat”, Dr Hafiz Karnataki said “I intended to compile a thousand Ghazal book and I was fully prepared for the effort. but later I felt that the children had a different recognition of my personality and so I changed my mind “. Dr Rownaq Shehri wrote a magnificent eight-page preface to this book. In his summary of the book, Dr. Shehri writes, “Hafiz Karnataki is endowed with a God-given intellect and reason. name. He has a unique style of writing both prose and poetry with an excellent art of crafting his ideas and thoughts knitted through the simplest of words. He really is a versatile personality. Just a week before Hafiz Karnataki was awarded the Sahataya Academy for his brilliant contribution to children’s literature. Dr Afaq Alam, Dr Manzar Ajaz, Shams Fareedi, Prof Syed Shah and Dr Abrar Ahmad also expressed their good opinions on this book. Their expressions have been incorporated into the spine of the book.
All of the 81 Ghazals in the book are written in simple Urdu words that even an ordinary person with no Urdu background can also easily understand.
“jab bi kagaz pa chalta hai qalam
Khoon dil ka ugalta hai mera qalam.
This is the second ghazal of the book seen on page number 20 written in the simplest language.
“main jo chahoon nazar ata hai andhere main muje
moujza dil ye dikhata hai and here muje principal.
It’s the other thought-provoking ghazal in the book on page 24.
“phir aaj qatli khareedar hone wala hai
Ye haadisa sari bazaar hone wala hai
abi se souch ke rakh lo saza hamare liye
Hamari simat inkar to perfect wala hai.
This is another easily understandable Ghazal that is part of this well-known creation by Hafiz Karnataki.
“rah mushkil ho tu chalne ka maza ata hai
thokrein kha ke sambalne ka maza ata hai.
What a piece this one is, infusing a person with vigor and vitality to face life’s challenges and overcome them with zeal and gusto without feeling confused.

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