November 25, 2022

Hot Springs Village Poet Featured at WNP

Cindy Hibler, Hot Springs Village poet, creative non-fiction writer and retired health practitioner, will be featured at Wednesday Night Poetry at Kollective Coffee + Tea, 110 Central Ave.

The regular open mic session for all poets, musicians and storytellers will begin at 6:30 p.m. today. Hibler will begin his feature at 7:15 p.m., followed by another round of open mics. Admission is free and open to all ages. Masks are recommended. Everyone is welcome.

Born in San Antonio, Hibler was a longtime resident of Texas until two years ago. “After a divorce, I was looking for a new chance in life. I magically ended up in Hot Springs Village. I thought I was moving to a village in Hot Springs. One day, I clicked on a house on Zillow and two weeks later, I was in Arkansas. I loved every minute of every day here,” she said in a press release.

“I have two daughters. Katie lives in California. She’s a new and rising author, just published her first book. Dondi will be moving to Little Rock soon and she has her own graphic design business, and she loves to write too. I also see the publication in its future,” Hibler said.

“The most fulfilling job I’ve ever had is being a mom, homeschooling and watching my daughters grow into the women they are today. My degrees and certifications that have benefited as well as others are in nursing, holistic and geriatric care. I retired from my own professional health care and healing practice. Through Hara Holistic Healing, I have worked with the elderly and hospice with the dying. My passion is to help those who are forgotten in our society, those in nursing homes, the lonely and neglected. In my native culture, there is a deep respect for people Long ago, the elders gave me the name of Woman Medicine and Healer. From these paths, one never truly withdraws.

Hibler writes creative non-fiction, integrating her life experiences and the natural world into stories that teach compassion and warmth.

“I’ve always enjoyed telling stories by others. It’s a passage to teach life and moral lessons. I love telling stories. It’s a part of my soul – I’ve heard their words in the womb – I believe my love of words started from my first breath,” Hibler said.

“What I love about poetry is the freedom to write what you are feeling at the time. Each poem can be a different type of poetry. You are not locked into one style. We don’t are not always the same every day. Nature is my first inspiration. I love nature – everything that happens outside. Hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, hugging trees, talking flowers and scuba diving! I especially enjoy learning all that Mother Nature has to teach me. I appreciate the freedom in being creative, whether it’s with tangible materials or writing with words. In homeschooling we actually had a poetry class most of that class was outdoors it was so informative the girls taught me more than I ever could have from them learn,” she said.

“Over the years, my life experiences added to my writing. It was a scary decision for me. It took me back to places I had hoped to hide forever. But…Wednesday Night Poetry has changed all that,” she said. . “The atmosphere of non-judgment and love allowed me to open a crack in those walls and experience the freedom and peace that comes from not only writing my truths, but also of their real expression – no less in front of strangers, strangers who listened to me and loved me anyway! WNP gave me a safe space to grow and find the person I had hidden ages ago. years. For that, I will always be deeply grateful.

“Cindy is a new and rare beauty we have at WNP, a tender, healing soul who spreads her wings, while taking us all the way for flight in her words. At first she was shy, but now she is a regular pro on the mic, always honoring audiences with accessible, relatable stories and touching anecdotes that make us laugh and sometimes cry. Her writing is wise and deep. Her heart is kind and unifying. I’m so grateful that Cindy has found our space, along with her other writer friends, Susan and Brian. They’re all part of the family now, and I’m so excited to give Cindy the space to soar even higher this Wednesday. It’s going to be a special night. “, said Kai Coggin, host of WNP. in the release.

This week marks 1,762 consecutive Wednesdays of open-mic poetry in downtown Hot Springs since Feb. 1, 1989. “WNP is the nation’s longest-running weekly open-mic series,” the statement read. For more information send an e-mail [email protected]