September 23, 2022

Howzzat: Howzzat! Amid books, addas and poetry, Boipara receives a new “infusion” | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: An iconic stretch in the heart of the city, famous for all things heritage, has a dose of new-age chic.
College Street Boipara, the Renaissance nucleus of Bengal, famous for its books, breweries and heritage institutions like President College and Medical College and Hospital (the first institute of general higher education and the first medical college in India ), now has a sports arena on the roof. The neighborhood’s newest joins several smart restaurants that now stand next to Paramount, the establishment that has been serving sorbets since 1918 and has also hosted secret meetings of revolutionaries.

College Street, flanked by two of Kolkata’s most famous Durga Pujas (College Street and Mohammed Ali Park) and numerous educational institutions, some over two centuries old, has embraced the winds of change in recent years: new-age food trucks are now parked next to its famous booths, fast-food outlets share space with sweets outlets, and trendy ethnic clothing boutiques coexist alongside traditional wedding trousseau destinations. .
The 5,000 square foot sports space which opened last week is on the roof of 15 Bankim Chatterjee Street, which houses the India Coffee House and the office of the Bengal Teachers Association, as well as several bookstores . Such sports infrastructure is the first of its kind in north or central Kolkata, which lack open spaces, and stands out in an area synonymous with poetry, politics and revolutionary thought.