October 1, 2022

Kaalzua’s sustainable furniture, embedding poetry in wood

Realize your dream creations with Kaalzua’s bespoke furniture options.

September 8: With the development of technology, each industry has endeavored to embrace the digital revolution and adapt to the evolution of its own specialty. Every sector of the economy, from service to manufacturing, is doing something new and inventive to produce the best products for its customers, following the same path of offering ready-made products to its customers, Kaalzua Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd manufactures top quality durable flatpack furniture. Relying on high-end technology, the brand manufactures objects that are impossible to build by hand, but which can be quickly assembled thanks to digital fabrication using tools such as 3D printers, CNC routers, etc

Working in the field of Industry 5.0, Kaalzua aims for lasting change to create a positive impact in the furniture industry to cater to a mass audience. Emerging from a passion for problem solving through design, founders Shubham Vaidya and Retd. Colonel Sanjay Vaidya took his first steps amid the pandemic. The father-son duo’s mission has also been to deliver sustainable products using smarter techniques. Technology-driven design innovation paves the way for the rapid production of high-end furniture and everyday items. Kaalzua can create furniture with reduced material waste while achieving high scalability and customization that satisfy consumers’ growing demand for product individualization through an on-demand zero inventory concept.

Kaalzua operates in the field of tech-first digital manufacturing, particularly with design and technology. It has a suite of thousands of patent-pending furniture and products at more affordable prices and has evolved into digitally manufactured homes. The main concept is to digitally produce goods that are practical and used in everyday life. They can go from design to manufacturing in minimal time, thanks to their advanced digital skills in computer application design. In addition, Kaalzua products are inspired by urban ethics and are designed to last a long time and leave a small carbon footprint. The designs are created by humans, while their distinctive method is to use technology to create physical representations of conceptual designs. This encapsulates the consistent, experiential language used throughout their product line.

The founder registered this company to bring his incredible idea to tangible form. With trials and testing with prototypes, they finally achieved their goal of making smaller items for everyday use even flat-packed cottages. Despite the obstacles encountered on several occasions, they emerged as a solid team with their respective expertise, experiences and values. The brand aims for lasting change to create a positive impact. They use 100% sustainable wood, which does not harm the environment and ensures the future.

Kaalzua opens its first flagship store in a prime location in Noida and will subsequently expand its experience centers across India in all major cities. Also, with the help of their dedicated team, made up of women, they want to expand their products and furniture lines online, without leaving room for compromise. Knowing the need of the hour, the amazing father-son duo will soon be launching Micro Living Spaces for people looking for affordable and comfortable living. Offering premium flatbed furniture, Kaalzua has become the need of the hour for every home that seeks modern living. So, if you are also looking for the same, you can visit their website and dive into the wide range of options they offer.

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