December 1, 2021

Kaun Banega Crorepati 13: Host Big B reveals he got his name Amitabh from Sumitranandan Pant, his father’s famous poet friend Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Kaun Banega Crorepati 13’s final episode begins with host Amitabh Bachchan welcoming competitor Mohit Kumar Joshi from Uttarakhand. Big B also introduces Mohit’s siblings which he calls his tail.

Mohit explains that his brother and sister follow him wherever he goes and therefore they are his tail. Mohit is a computer engineer by profession. Big B starts the game with Mohit and after answering the questions back to back, he manages to cross the first hurdle and earn Rs 10,000.

When answering a question about the Kolkata transport tram, Big B remembers his days there. He shares with Mohit that after finishing his studies he went to Calcutta to find a job and that he traveled daily on a crowded streetcar. He also revealed that he took a pass for Rs 2 and would travel with it. A short video is shown on Mohit where he is shown talking about his family, his job and his son. Mohit speaks proudly about his profession and Mr. Bachchan is also becoming curious about his work.

Mohit explains that he works at the Aryabhatta Research Institute for Observational Sciences and talks about the telescope and other scientific geniuses created by scientists and engineers. They resume play and Mohit remains stuck on a question for Rs 40,000. He uses the lifeline of the audience poll to answer it. He was shown a video from a Hindi movie. What is the name of this agent? (Naam Shabana video clip) The answer was: Shabana.

After a confident start, Mohit starts the tour on unstable ground and uses yet another lifeline for the Rs 80,000 question. He takes the help of the 50-50 lifeline to answer this question: in September 2021, which appointed the Taliban as head of the interim government of Afghanistan. The answer was: Mullah Haasan Akkhund. Mohit uses yet another lifeline, Flip The Question for the Rs 1,60,000 question which was: Dr Harivanshrai Bachchan’s collection of poetry and what other renowned literary man was co-published under the title Khadi Ke Phool? Mohit takes the right guess and the answer was Sumitranandan Pant. Big B goes on to say that Sumitranandan Pant was his father’s close friend and often visited their home. He also reveals that he was named by Sumitranandan Pant ji “mera naamkaran inhone kiya”. He further stated that on the day Sumitranandan Pant ji visited their house, he was born and named it Amitabh.

Mohit selects the My City My State option and continues the game. He plays the question: What place in Kumaon gave her name to a man-eating tigress who is in the Guinness World Record for killing the most people? He answers it correctly and wins the amount. The answer was: Champawat.

Mohit uses his last lifeline for Rs 3 20,000 and takes help from “Ask The Expert” for Rs 3 20,000 question: What was the first site in the Indus Valley to be identified in 1921? The answer was Harappa. He wins the amount.

He then plays the risk-free question for Rs 6 40,000 and answers that question. In April 2021, the president of which country signed a law allowing him to remain in office until 2036? The answer was Russia and he makes a crazy guess and answers it correctly.

Mr. Bachchan then reads the next question for Mohit. What aspect of space was Charles Fabry and Henry Buisson discovered in 1913? As Mohit had exhausted all of his lifelines and was unaware of the answer, he decided to quit the game. The answer was: ozone layer. Mohit wins Rs 6 40,000.

Big B plays the Fastest Finger First – Triple Test lifeline and Haryana’s Insia Arora takes him to the hot seat. Big B greets him and asks him the meaning of his name.

They start the game and Big B reads the first two questions to her, which she easily answers. Insia becomes the roll-over candidate at the end of the episode.

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