October 1, 2022

Lisa Sammut: Full Circle – Mosman

From January 4 to March 20, 2022, the Mosman Art Gallery will present a new installation by Canberra-based artist Lisa Sammut. FULL CIRCLE will be exhibited in The Cube, the gallery space dedicated to video and experimental art.

FULL CIRCLE is an exhibition of new works comprising moving objects and images that considers the length of human life in relation to the transitions and cycles of the cosmos; the circular, the orbital, the elliptical and the eclipse. Drawing on historical astronomical diagrams, illustrations and manuscripts documenting the movements and appearance of comets, FULL CIRCLE loops between the terrestrial and the afterlife with the aim of bringing the human condition and cosmic forces closer together. speculative visual materials.

FULL CIRCLE began with the realization that Halley’s comet will appear twice in the artist’s life; once at the very beginning, and again somewhere near the end. The length of Halley’s orbit closely coincides with the length of an average human lifetime. Linking cosmic and human times, the visualization of the elliptical trajectory of a comet illustrated in a simple image brings a strange comfort. This exhibition questions the idea that life moves in a straight line, from here in the present moment to the deep unknown. Like the cyclic trajectories of comets, the circular perspective presents an alternate view where a life is defined by a departure and a return. Exploring the human need to reduce complex structures and concepts into simplified visual symbols and representations, FULL CIRCLE takes shape knowing that our destiny is intertwined with the events and laws of the universe.

About the artist

Lisa Sammut is an artist who works in carpentry, sculpture, collage, video art and immersive installation. She creates playful and poetic works that explore and oscillate between notions of optimism, perspective, belonging and time. Recent work has drawn from a variety of historical and cultural sources, including the fields of astronomy, astroarchaeology, celestial architecture, and natural history. Using a wide range of media, Sammut focuses on the non-human and the afterlife to facilitate new perspectives and collective self-reflection.

Sammut has exhibited extensively in Australia and has undertaken several recent large-scale projects; including new works for The National 2021: New Australian Art, Art Gallery of NSW (2021), 20:20, Murray Art Museum Albury (2020), HIGH LOOM, Casula Powerhouse Arts Center, Sydney (2019) and A monumental echo , presented at Firstdraft, Sydney (2018) and Fremantle Arts Center, Perth (2019). His work has been recognized with several awards including the Churchie Emerging Art Prize, receiving the Sam Whiteley Memorial Prize (2016), and as a finalist for the John Fries Award, UNSW Galleries (2018) and Ramsay Art Prize, Art Gallery of South Australia . (2021).

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