November 25, 2022

Make School Life More Fun – Journal

School is part of everyone’s life. Even when you are no longer at school, university or an educational institution, the memories of your friends and your school years stay with you forever. Yes, life never stops, it just goes on, leaving the young and carefree behind.

The times you spent with your friends, playing, eating and studying, will be etched in your memory for years to come. So let’s not age so fast, and why not have a little fun while you’re still in school?

Yes, those of you who are still enjoying your school life, and all those who are in their last years of school, here are some ideas to make your stay even more pleasant by adding a little dose of good humor.

At most schools, the first term is coming to an end, which means you’re almost halfway through the end of your school year and you still have time to study hard to get good grades. So there is still time to make this year a memorable one.

Here are some ideas for creating better memories to keep. You can plan them as monthly or fortnightly activities, depending on your academic schedule so that you don’t clash with your studies. This way you will have plenty of time to plan and make the necessary arrangements. Trust me kids, you, your friends, classmates and all your teachers will appreciate and cherish your little acts of love and those moments of joy.

Organize a music/poetry contest

Nothing brings people together like music and poetry. So why not organize an informal event where you can ask your classmates or schoolmates to play their favorite musical instrument. And those who cannot play an instrument, but can sing or recite poetry, can also participate in this activity. In short, the competition will bring together all those who have talents related to poetry and music. Make it a solo, couple or group activity, including song, dance, game and poetry recitation competitions.

Other than that, you can add an element of fun by awarding points or gifts to top performers. You can either schedule the competition to take place at school (during your free time), where lots of your friends and classmates can participate; or, if your parents allow it, plan it a weekend at home and call your friends.

Surprise your teachers

Everyone loves surprises, regardless of age and experience. We say we don’t need to celebrate a single day for our loved ones, but we need to make them feel special every day, so why not make your teachers feel special? ?

How? Hmmm… let’s say you can buy something sweet for your teacher, or pick some flowers from your garden and give them to them, or do small crafts like cards, a bow, a decorative piece or just your own artwork. art and surprise your teachers by giving it away for them.

It will make them really happy and you will also leave them with pleasant memories to cherish.

Surprise your classmates

Artwork by Sumbul

If you know that someone in your class’s birthday is right around the corner, throw a surprise birthday party for him/her and make it memorable by having him/her bake a cake.

I know cakes can be expensive, so you can get some of your close friends in on the fun and everyone can contribute a little. You can easily buy small packets of marshmallows, cupcakes and chocolates and enjoy a little party at break time.

Organize a carnival

It will take more time for planning, but it’s not impossible at all. First of all, a carnival is a fun place where you play games, have food stalls and rides.

For your own carnival, first decide on the location. In my opinion, those of you who have a large garden in your house can arrange it there. While others may participate in various other things, such as bringing plastic tables and chairs (if they have them) from home and making small booths for food and games.

For food, you can ask everyone who is organizing with you to bring a dish from their house. For example, samosas, patties, cupcakes, sandwiches, burgers, fries, juice boxes, etc. and put a small affordable price on it.

For games, you can organize different games and activities like hula hoop, running, tiptoeing, hide and seek and playing musical chairs. Make it as casual as possible and make sure everyone is having a good time.

Organize a musical chair event

Musical chairs is a classic game that can be played even by a group of toddlers and at almost any party and venue. You can add a little fun to a boring day at school and play it, with your teacher’s permission, either in the playground or in class during free time.

The music can be replaced by applause or drums on the table. And you can make it even more fun by writing funny sayings on pieces of paper attached to chairs, so whoever is seated will have to do whatever is written on the piece of paper.

This game will lead to so many hilarious moments and is also very easy to set up.

Make a book of the year/memory

It’s one of my favorite things to do. Many schools have a yearbook these days, but making one for each of you will be a kind of keepsake you can keep for a lifetime. For this, just take a few pages or a diary, take pictures of you and your friends and stick them with the caption, date and time.

Keep the book of the year with you wherever you plan to meet so you can stick something special about that day, maybe a ticket to the movie you all saw, some autographs and little snippets of things that remind you of the fun you had with Friends.

You can also ask your friends to write down their thoughts on special occasions that you keep in the memory book. Believe me kids, among the most precious treasures, your “book of the year/memory” will be at the top.

Plant a tree together

The tree you plant with your friends would be a mark of your friendship and your time together. With this you can help our planet breathe and the good thing is that you will all contribute to global reforestation efforts. Although this is a small step, but remember, you will all be in this together, repairing damaged ecosystems and mitigating climate change.

So whether it’s your garden, somewhere near your home, or at school, plant a tree and keep watering and caring for it. See how it feeds each passing day!

Organize a themed dinner

Towards the end of your college year, throw a themed party. Although it takes a fair amount of organization and coordination, the process is part of the fun bonding experience for you and your friends.

You can choose a theme, for example, how about the 70s, superheroes or a chic gala? Then allocate responsibilities. Choose decor, music, outfits, and recipes to match the theme, then enjoy as you, your friends, and guests are transported to a different world for a while.

The above are just a few ideas to get you thinking, and I’m sure you can come up with many more enjoyable ones. But always take your parents and teacher on board when deciding on any of these activities or others so they can guide you on the best way to proceed and help you with any issues you may have.

However, you also need to make sure everyone is comfortable with what you have planned and that it doesn’t distract you from your studies. So enjoy your school life and make good memories!

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