September 23, 2022

Mimi Webb and Black Sherif Deliver the Heat in This Week’s Wonder List

Your weekly party-ready playlist, brought to you by Wonderland.

Ing: @mimiiiwebb

Ing: @mimiiiwebb

Twinnie – “Welcome to the Club”

It looks like Eunice isn’t the only one cooking up a storm today, as Twinnie enters a whole new chapter with her explosive single ‘Welcome to the Club’. Written for people who feel out of place in the world, the country-pop star’s vibrant lyrics and shimmering melodies take you straight to his club – where fitting in is absolutely overrated. Packed with the self-love and confidence that define real-world traveler charm, “Welcome to the Club” is just the tune we needed to forget about all our outer worries.

Marie Noreger – “Gently”

Since the release of her EP “Gravity” in the spring of last year, we have been fascinated by the complex musical and poetic tendencies of Marie Noreger. Today, the Grammy-nominated Norwegian artist releases “Slooowly” which – true to its name – gradually pulls you under its spell. The track is a cocktail of sharp beats, honeyed vocals and creamy melodies that recount the terrifying feeling of letting down your barriers to let love in. The accompanying visual takes the hypnotic hit to new heights as a group of contemporary dancers mirror the rhythmic fluidity of the track with their movements. As for the artist herself, Marie explains that the track is about “accepting the differences and seeing them more as an opportunity”. After having “Slooowly” on repeat for the day, we are more thirsty than ever for the release of his next EP “DDVS”.

Congee – “Be Alright”

When it comes to releasing a first single, it’s not easy to establish a distinctive style from the start. Still, that doesn’t prove much of a problem for Congee, who bonds with his listeners in “Be Alright.” With similar mannerisms to Lauv and The Kid Laroi, Congee isn’t afraid to experiment with alt-pop sounds as he delves into the complicated emotions shared between a mother and her son. On the track, Congee says, “This song touches on the relationship between me and mom. She was born in China and moved here when she was a teenager and didn’t know a word of English. I was born in the UK and my Chinese is practically non-existent. Even though there is a language barrier between my mother and me, sometimes all I need is for her to tell me that everything is going to be fine. As the self-directed music video shows, Congee has turned his music into an art form in its own right – and it’s as imaginative as it is aesthetic.

Vince Staples – “Magic”

If you’re feeling a little down this week, it’s time to introduce the cosmic vibes of Vince Staples in the infectious single “Magic.” Drawing on his mind-blowing hip-hop beats, the artist celebrates his victory over the downtown blues that took him away from the things he really wanted. Hacked from his highly anticipated upcoming album Ramona Park broke my heart, the track is an introspective reflection of the hometown in which Vincent grew up. A rhythmic melody masks the underlying tropes of prejudice the artist has experienced – transparently illustrating the habit of societies to silence the truth. As the wait for the album officially begins, Staples tells us, “It’s the symbol of the house. And everyone has a house. Even if it’s very personal for me, everyone can relate to it. That’s why I thought it would work for this chapter.

Mimi Webb – “House on Fire”

Changing her tune, Mimi Webb is quite the mood in the anthem to take no prisoners “House On Fire.” Taking the phrase “liar, liar, pants on fire” to a whole new extreme, Mimi Webb sets the house of her cheating exes on fire with a triumphant melody and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Accompanied by a cinematic music video, “House on Fire” is a funny, intelligent and charming production – a true ode to Webb’s ability to execute concepts with finesse. As the artist is currently mesmerizing audiences on his sold-out UK tour, we’ll be playing the track on repeat in hopes of usurping some of his unapologetic (and slightly psycho) energy.

Eddie Benjamin – “Weather”

Next, Eddie Benjamin delivers a track that will drive English students crazy as he uses a pathetic error to describe his emotions in ‘Weatherman’. Using old-school soul and irresistible pop hooks, the Australian singer-songwriter calls for optimism in a sunny single. Beginning as an energetic piano ballad, the music video shows Eddie stuck under his own thunderous cloud. Maintaining a cheerful melody and a buttery smooth voice, Eddie embraces the natural course of mother nature and holds out hope for a better day tomorrow, whatever the weather.

Kanda – “I Got You Now”

Amid the hectic nature of the world right now, there’s nothing we need more than a little slice of meditation. Come in, Kanda. Combining worming synthesizers with painfully relatable bars, Kanda immerses us in a much-needed state of introspection. In conjunction with suicide prevention charity CALM, Kanda is releasing “I Have Got You Now” to shine a light on young men’s mental health and the importance of being there for each other. On the cause, Kanda believes that “people shouldn’t have to suffer in silence and there is always support around them, even in the darkest times.” Hacked from his debut EP due out this summer, the 17-year-old rapper dedicates his work to a greater cause and explains, “It’s not easy to spot when someone is dealing with personal issues or struggling. with its inner demons, but this song was created with the intention of metaphorically holding hands with those who are struggling, saying that you are not alone.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew – Disrespectful

Not giving us time to prepare, Bad Boy Chiller Crew drops us a weight of sixteen tracks with the release of their album Disrespectful — a prepared reading list for your next aperitif session. From hair-raising anthems to suspense-filled beats and bouncy baselines, there’s not a single track that doesn’t carry the trio’s irresistible flow. But like all good album releases, there has to be a star, and “Always Be My Baby Boy” throws its hat in the ring with a high-energy music video. Featuring a montage of groups of friends living their best lives, the mischievous band members unleash their quick wits on their listeners and get us on our feet with them.

Black Sherif – “Second Sermon”

Finally, we decided to close our Wonderlist with Black Sherif, who today released the official music video for his viral hit “Second Sermon” featuring Burna Boy. After releasing the single last summer, Black Sherif has since garnered much-deserved hype for his innate ability to portray heartfelt stories in fast-paced rap. Directed by none other than director K, the vibrant visual reflects the artist’s energy, merging body camera footage and drone footage to capture local neighborhoods and quirky backdrops. The point of releasing the video much later, you might be wondering? We’re glad you asked, because the release of the video comes along with the announcement that Black Sheriff will be joining Burna Boy on his upcoming world tour. How’s that for entertainment?