May 12, 2022

Money Heist: what to watch next

Even more exciting was the El Legado announcement of a prequel derivative series Berlin. Berlin was one of the main brains behind the heists, but he did not survive the first. He suffered from a terminal illness and sacrificed himself so that others could live. However, he appears throughout the second heist in flashbacks.

The trailer was only excerpts from Money theft so little is known about this new project, other than that it is slated for 2023. Although showrunners often claim they write Money theft at the last minute, Berlin looks like an orchestrated piece similar to one of the professor’s backup plans. Season 5 explored the history of Berlin in depth. It introduced Tatiana (Diana Gómez), one of Berlin’s 5 ex-wives, and Rafael (Patrick Criado). And given that The Professor is Berlin’s brother, one can only hope that Álvaro Morte will reprise his role for it.

Money Heist: the experience

If you are lucky enough to live near the right host city, Money Heist: the experience is an immersive installation show that travels around the world. Participants engage in a 60-75 minute experience with costumes, actors, and a plot to complete a heist like the gang. Afterwards, participants can relax in a themed bar with appetizers, personalized cocktails and, of course, merchandise. The installation began in Paris in July 2021 and has been staged in London, Miami, Mexico City and New York. Future host cities (or “under future threat” as their ad puts it) include Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Rome, Sao Paulo and Singapore.

Where to see more gangs


Where to Watch: Available to rent or buy from the usual suspects (Amazon, Google Play, etc.)

Úrsula Corberó plays the baroness in this 2021 ninja spin-off from the GI Joe franchise. Although she plays a supporting character in this film, she dresses her in a black leather catsuit and stern stiletto heels and steals the show like the thief she is. And the film’s ending makes her a major character if ever a sequel is enlightened.

The wheel of time

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

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