October 1, 2022

Nancy Pelosi says she will honor Ukraine with bono poetry reading at Friends of Ireland luncheon

At the annual Friends of Ireland luncheon, traditionally hosted by the Speaker of the House on Capitol Hill, Nancy Pelosi said she planned to deviate from the usual St. Patrick’s Day festivities to acknowledge the horrific war and the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine – with a poem by U2 star Bono. “I’m going to read a poem Bono wrote about Ukraine, which you might be interested in,” she told a news conference. The lunch itself was compromised when Taoiseach Micheál Martin of Ireland was forced to hastily apologize from the Irish National Fund Gala in DC on Wednesday night, a gala both Pelosi and Biden attended, after he tested positive for COVID-19. Pelosi later explained that any risk of exposure happened during the first course of dinner: “The Taoiseach wore a mask when he sat down. But when he started eating, he took the mask off,” she added. told reporters Thusday. “It was during the aperitif that they took him away.” She claims that since being tested daily she is not worried she may have caught COVID, and Thursday’s Friends of Ireland show will continue. The hill reports that despite the potential exposure, Biden also still plans to be present at the Capitol for lunch.

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