September 23, 2022

Poetic frame: jewelers build a new era of wearable art

SAN FRANCISCO, CA/ACCESSWIRE/February 22, 2022/ Earlier in January, architect-turned-designer Ayça Özbank Taskan of Mara Paris launched a new pearl-shimmer earring collection called Haven. The pieces are crafted in 925 sterling silver, vermeil, gemstones and freshwater pearls, and represent our definitions of solace, whether personal retreats or inner strength. Much like the iridescent pearls of clam shells, nestled beneath the warm sand beds of the open ocean, these earrings remind us to look within and defend the inner light during a dark time. It’s a celebration of purpose, intention and beauty on our own terms. Drawn from simple elegance, the collection envelops the essence of Mara Paris, whose designs are as functional as they are imaginative.

A prodigy of artistic influence, Ayça was surrounded by creative family and friends as a child, developing a deep interest in form and structure before continuing her studies in architecture in Italy. The legendary cityscapes of places like Venice, Berlin and Helsinki left an impression on the young architect, but it wasn’t until she arrived in Paris in 2015 that her visions for jewelry making began to take shape.

Stemming from work in architectural circuits, Mara Paris draws inspiration from remarkable works of art, including the cubic portraits of Picasso (“Personas” collection) and the formidable curvatures of modern architects like Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid (“Collection” curves”). In keeping with the perfect imperfections of these artists, Mara Paris pieces are not made to be worn like a scarf or a pair of shoes. In fact, the pieces themselves carry the individual, and our bodies become the model for the design. Ayça employs an almost accidental charm to her work, as each piece bears the imprint of the hands that made them, with every bump and crevice only adding to her handcrafted quality.

By introducing this hands-on approach to a historically delicate art form, Mara Paris achieves a different level of royalty that mirrors the skeletal shapes of buildings and structures, but through elevated, wearable jewelry. No secret, the job of an architect demands endless attention to detail and seemingly limitless commitments of time, the lot of which can be both exhausting and rewarding. Ayça turned her attention to the growth of Mara Paris when she saw an added element of freedom in jewelry design. , a new way to execute ideas with greater efficiency and fluidity. For Mara Paris, jewelry cuts the weight of building construction in shapely waists that carry the girth of the neckline with the energy of skyscrapers. This is where the design falters and sparks creative flow through fundamental engineering. It is monumental poetry.

The work behind Mara Paris is no stranger to the public eye, as these pieces have been seen on Rita Ora, Joey King, Laverne Cox and, most often, Halle Berry. Everything from earrings to necklaces are masterfully crafted by a team of skilled artisans who retain the candid glow of sculptural artistry, bringing shots of creative intuition into the fold. All Mara Paris pieces are ethically produced, nickel-free, and made in small batches, lending to their micro-craftsmanship appeal served on the global stage. Some of the most iconic pieces have even inspired a slew of tattoos, including the Dina necklace and the Dina earring. These designs overcome the typical shapes and dots that we are all too familiar with in jewelry making, those that simply hang from your lobes, lifeless and disposable. When you consider an original by Mara Paris, it’s akin to art therapy. Spending a day at a museum or gallery forces us to reevaluate and speculate about what’s around us, where the world is heading, what’s behind us, and what’s to come. After all, life imitates art, just like the pieces of Mara Paris. These serpentine ornaments cross the waters between static architecture and provocative fashion shapes, uniting individuals with the jewelry they choose to identify with in a way that is at once soft, honest and striking. They blur usefulness with a unique indulgence, as we saw with the famous Pod Cuff, a nice addition to AirPods. Mara Paris has shown that sometimes, like a real building, form follows function.

With each rotation, Mara Paris’ collections reinvent the way we understand jewelry, breaking boundaries quietly and in style. Ayça said Paris was among her main influences, and it’s easy to see how a jewelry movement that embraced nonconformity and gender-neutral art found refuge in Paris, a city renowned for its zest for life. contagious. Time and place contribute greatly to this philosophy, as they firmly believe that we are shaped by our environment and that landscapes play a much bigger role in our development than we realize. Some of Mara Paris’ works borrow famous traits from Parisian movements like Art Nouveau, with its dramatic, swirling arches and pincushion detailing. We think of the gemstone earrings from the “Form Is A Mystery” collection. The subtle sparkles at the head of the wrapped rings and bracelets invite a moment of adoration to all who pay attention, as it should, whether it’s an exhibition or a stroll through Barcelona. Richly crafted art commands our time and attention to detail. With Mara Paris, we have the chance to taste the divine dexterities of old-world talent with modern spice, an ode to quality work that speaks for itself.

Despite the obstacles of the past two years, if there’s one thing the world has taught us, it’s to keep creating. Avenues of expression are vital to any community’s beating heart or soul, and the art we make instills a sense of hope amid rain or shine outside. In the spirit of harmony and infinite movement, Mara Paris has teamed up with Parisian sculptor Nadège Delaruelle to create a limited series of smooth-spun ceramics that replicate Mara Paris’ existing “Hope” design. These vases could represent the first of many ceramic projects to come, and as we have learned with Mara Paris over the years, design is in endless motion and ever-changing, just like our cultures and communities.

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