October 1, 2022

Poetry reading by George Kalogeris at the Beacon Gallery and Oddfellows Hall – Winthrop Transcript

Winthrop resident Dr George Kalogeris, Associate Professor of English Literature and Classics at Suffolk University, will lead a poetry reading on Sunday March 27 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Beacon Gallery and Oddfellows Hall, 196 Winthrop Street, Winthrop, MA. Guests must enter through the front door and limited off-street parking is available.

The readings are taken from Kalogeris’ most recent collection of poems, Winthropos. The title comes from the “Greek-ified” name her father, an immigrant from Greece, gave to the town of Winthrop where the family settled.

George Kalogeris.

Following the spirit of his famous Guide to Greece, Kalogeris evokes Winthrop as a central center of lyrical and elegiac memory. While Winthropos’ poems reach back to the Hellenic past for imagery and inspiration, they often reside in the American present of their conception, forging childhood memory and local custom into a work of meditative power and evocative beauty.

In an editorial review, David Ferry writes: “Through his knowledge of the culture of the Greek cities where his parents were from, and his knowledge of the town of Winthrop, Massachusetts, where he grew up, and his deep knowledge of the poetry of ancient Greece, there is a great fusion by means of its powerful versification in these marvelous poems”.

The poetry reading coincides with Greek Independence Day (March 25) which honors the Greek Revolution of 1821. Since 1987, US Presidents have held a commemorative event at the White House in recognition of the contribution of Greek civilization and of the birth of democracy in ancient Athens. .

A light reception will follow at Oddfellows Hall in collaboration with the Beacon Gallery. The Oddfellows are run by Noble Grand Gerianne Gatchell and the Beacon Gallery is owned by local businessman and famous photographer John Munson.

George Kalogeris graduated from Winthrop High School, class of 1973, where he was a member of the men’s basketball team. He received his Bachelor of Science from Suffolk University, as well as his Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy from Boston University.

Kalogeris is also the author of Guide to Greece, Dialogos and Camus:Carnets. He is the winner of the James Dickey Poetry Prize, the Meringoff Prize for Poetry and the New Ohio Review Poetry Prize.