October 20, 2021

Poetry reading by Marilyn Johnston | Official website for the city of Milwaukie, Oregon


Wednesday September 8, 2021 – 6.30 p.m. To 7:30 p.m.

Marilyn Johnston’s poetry reading will be broadcast live on September 8, 2021 on the Ledding Library YouTube channel.

Marilyn Johnston is a writer and filmmaker. She has received writing grants from the Oregon Literary Arts and the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund for Women, and won the Donna J. Stone National Literary Award for Poetry, a Robert Penn Warren Writing Competition Award, and the Salmon Creek LogFlash fiction contest. She is the author of Red dust rising (The Habit of Rainy Nights Press, 2004), a collection of poems on the healing of his family after the war, nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and a complete collection, Before lighting (Rippling Brook Press, 2020). She lives east of Salem, in the village of Macleay, and teaches creative writing through the Artists in the Schools program, primarily to youth in prison.

A flyer of the readings of the 15th season will be available soon. Thank you to all the volunteers who make this reading possible.

For more information or reading questions and to join the group roster, please contact Series Coordinator Tom Hogan at 503.819.8367 or [email protected]

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