October 1, 2022

Power of Words Exposing Racism Poetry Project will take place June 19 – The Warwick Valley Dispatch

By Lourice Angie

On Saturday June 19 (June) voices will be heard and feelings shared at an artistic and collaborative event called the Power of Words Exposing Racism (POWER) Poetry Project. The event will take place at Railroad Green in the Village of Warwick from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It will include music, art, dance, performances and more.

The POWER Project Collective is made up of a diverse group of board members – Sabrina Jennings, Judy Batista, Patricia McMillan, Bernadette Hageman, Nicole Repose and Roseanne Esposito. POWER was created so that Blacks, Indigenous Peoples and People of Color (BIPOC) within the community could be celebrated and shared their experiences.

Event organizer Sabrina Jennings believes that in order to inspire real change, topics such as racism, prejudice and discrimination need to be discussed directly with those who have been affected. The goal of the POWER Poetry Project is to give a voice to the members of the BIPOC community and to continue to organize more educational and creative events in the future.

Christ Church in Warwick, Wickham Works, the Milkweed Project and many others have played a vital role in providing outreach resources and helping the team move forward with confidence.

“All of the students, government officials, community members and the amazing POWER team helped bring the project to life,” Jennings said.

The team is currently seeking contributions from members of the BIPOC community, poetry, news, images and more that will be featured on the windows of local merchants throughout the village to help give the community a visual representation of trials and triumphs that accompany persistent racism. The group hopes this walking exhibit will help people understand that this is a non-confrontational approach to starting a conversation where voices can be heard peacefully.

For the more outgoing types, they offer the opportunity to do spoken word, sing, and present other artistic works. For a full schedule of events or to register, visit their Facebook page @Powerprojectcollective, send an email [email protected] or visit Etched In Time Engraving located at 58 Main St. in Warwick for a registration form.

Photo by Lourice Angie

Members of the POWER collective council recently gathered at Railroad Green in the village of Warwick to help kick off the poetry event which will take place on Saturday June 19th. Pictured (left to right): Board members Judy Batista, Sabrina Jennings, Patricia McMillan, Bernadette Baptiste Hageman & Roseanne Esposito. (Not in the photo: Nicole Repose)