June 22, 2022

Slammed by COVID-19, the Billings School adapts its poetry project | Local news

The project gave rise to eclectic themes. Students built arguments on topics such as gun rights, animal rights, reproductive rights, and voting rights. They took sides in the controversies and brought new twists and turns on more tame subjects.

Senior Abe Seybert has written about the value of investing in the stock market. It’s a subject he grew up with; his father works as a financial advisor.

“We talk a lot about the stock market,” he said.

But he recognized that financial literacy, while lending itself well to a more academic article, is not something his peers are likely to rush to.

His stanzas began with relevant references, like putting money under a mattress, and highlighted the success of a star investor.

Emma Spoonemore’s poem had a lyrical tone, corresponding to its subject. She advocated that students be allowed to listen to more music instead of too quiet study time.

A poster created by a student in Wendy Tyree’s English class hangs on a bookcase in the library as Senior Laura Peterson watches a video associated with the project on Friday, December 11, 2020 at Skyview High School in Billings.

RYAN BERRY, Billings Gazette

She is part of the choir and the dance team, and the conversion to poetry suited her well.

“I’ve always been drawn to poetry,” she says.

She missed school chunks this year while in COVID-19 quarantine and lost one of her two part-time jobs.