October 1, 2022

Squid Game Star reveals the most difficult games to film

Squid game Lead star Lee Jung Jae, in a recent interview, shared that there are some difficult scenes to film.

The survival-themed series, which follows the story of 456 people recruited to enter a contest that got them to play an unhealthy and twisted version of popular South Korean children’s games for a big cash prize, has become a global phenomenon.

The visually stunning manner of director Hwang Dong-hyuk’s storytelling captured the intensity of each contestant’s struggle and hope.

Behind-the-scenes footage from Squid game was released shortly after the hit series aired. It would be a lie to say that filming the in-game scenes was easy because, given the quality of the set designers, it was a challenge for most of the stars, especially Lee Jung Jae, who played Seong Gi-hun.

Lee Jung-Jae reveals toughest game in history Squid game

In an interview with Weekly entertainment, Squid game Lee Jung Jae has revealed which of the games in the series is the most difficult to film. The actor shared that there were two games he thought were the hardest to shoot.

The first was the Dalgona candy game. According to Jung Jae, it was not easy due to the minimal movements he could make. He also needed to express a lot of emotions without having to exaggerate his gestures.

The second was the last game of Squid game, which was a showdown between Gi-hun and his childhood friend, Sang Woo.

“Because Gi-hun is very hurt from all these games. And he knows he has to admit the fact that he cheated on others in order to survive, so he’s very disappointed with himself and Sang-woo. [Park Hae-soo], his close friend, because he betrayed him. These two characters fight against each other with their lives on the line when they are childhood friends, so the scene itself is very heartbreaking. It was very hard emotionally. Second, I remember when we were shooting this scene where the two were fighting, it was in winter, so it was very cold. In Korea, the winter is very freezing. I remember filming this scene for about four days in the rain with the sprinkler, so it was very hard emotionally and physically. “

It’s surprising that Lee Jung Jae considers this the most difficult game to film. Squid game, as obviously, it was the least that uses skills, but it is the most heartbreaking. Confronting a person in a life and death game is exhausting, but adding that Gi-hun was his friend and comrade the entire game made it very poetic.

How much was Lee Jung Jae paid Squid game?

According to some reports, Lee Jung Jae has become the second highest paid actor in South Korea. The Squid game the actor was paid over $ 344,000 per episode. With nine episodes, Jung-Jae made $ 3.1 million.

He overtook actor Song Joong-ki, the leader of the mafia drama Vincenzo. Joong-ki was reportedly paid $ 200,000 per episode. Highest-paid actor in South Korea is It’s good not to be well lead star Kim Soo-Hyun, who was paid $ 500,000 per episode.

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