June 22, 2022

Suad Al-Sabah House Announces Contest Winners

Souad Al-Sabah

KUWAIT: Suad Al-Sabah Publishing House Director Dr Suad Mohammad Al-Sabah approved the final results of the official judging committee of the Suad Al-Sabah Publishing House competitions for the year 2018-2019 , which have been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The competitions were divided into two sections – the first was the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah Scientific Innovation Competition which had four components, while the second was the Dr Suad Al-Sabah Intellectual and Literary Creativity Competition, which also had four components.

The judges selected the winning works from both sections. The first place in the science competition was won by the writer Ahmad Saad Imam of Egypt, who wrote on “the history of public security in Kuwait”, while the second and third places were retained. In the second scientific competition in the field of social media applications, the first place was won by Abdelkarim Noufal from Syria, while Asmaa Al-Shabrawi Mohammad Ibrahim from Egypt took the second place and Sana Abdelqader Jabbas from Syria s ‘is ranked third.

The winner in the field of parliamentary movement in Kuwait, which was the subject of the third scientific competition, was Dr Mohammad Ahmad Abdelsalam from Egypt, while Mohammad Suleiman Mahroos – also from Egypt – took second place. The third prize was selected. In the Fourth Junk Food Science Competition, it was unanimously decided that the participants did not deserve any of the prizes.
In the second part of the competitions, first place for poetry was won by Ali Hassan Ibrahim Salman from Bahrain and Hussein bin Ali bin Abdullah finished second, while Omar Al-Rajihi from Morocco took third place.